Are sleepless nights and unpredictable schedules leaving you and your little one exhausted? Say goodbye to bedtime struggles and hello to a world of restful sleep with my exclusive online course!

Mastering the Sleep Schedule
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Master the science of infant and toddler sleep and explore comprehensive child development insights tailored to each month.
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What my families are saying about this online course
Mother to Eliana, 6 months
I am so glad I found you and your course. I didn’t expect that much from a 2-hour online course for that price, but what I got is exactly 2 hours of useful information, things that I can implement right away. Tamara, thank you for creating this and helping us parents who are struggling with sleep schedules, bedtime routines and understanding of sleep needs - really master the knowledge and improve sleeping habits.
Mother to Olivia., 6 months
Huge thanks to Mama Toma for this incredible course! Olivia has always struggled with sleep, and I thought sleep training was our only option. But by implementing the strategies from this course—setting up a solid sleep schedule, adapting awake windows, and establishing a bedtime routine—our days have become more predictable, and Olivia is sleeping much better. Next up: sleep training!
Mother to Eric, 6 months
I thought I had to stop breastfeeding to help Eric sleep better, but it turned out his sleep struggles were due to an incorrect schedule. After just a few hours with your online course, I learned how to fix this issue. Now, Eric sleeps amazing, and I can still enjoy breastfeeding. Thank you, Tamara, for making such a difference!
Mother to Maximilian, 13 months
Getting early access to this course was a game-changer for us. Our little one, Maximilian, used to wake up every hour at night, leaving us exhausted. But after learning how to craft a personalized sleep schedule and adjusting our bedtime routine, it's like magic! Now, he falls asleep within 10 minutes for every nap, and wakes up happy and refreshed.
Everything you need to master the sleep schedule
14 Comprehensive Video Classes
Dive into a world of expert guidance! My step-by-step videos walk you through the art of creating the perfect sleep schedule tailored for your little one. Say goodbye to bedtime battles.

10 Downloadable Guides

From tackling sleep regressions and navigating development leaps to perfecting bedtime routines and smoothly transitioning to fewer naps, I’ve got you covered. Gain insights into signs of overtiredness and receive a detailed sleep schedule per month
Your Personal Sleep Diary
Track progress effortlessly on your journey to better sleep! The handy, downloadable, and editable sleep diary will be your faithful companion. Witness the transformation as you build the ideal sleep routine for your child.
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What's included
into content of the course
Downloadable guides: development leaps, surviving colic, sleep schedules 0-3 years
Downloadable guides: safe sleep checklist, bedtime rituals examples
Downloadable guides: night and day sleep norms, overtired VS undertired baby, sleep diary
Downloadable guides: science behind sleep, 4 sleep training methods plan
Video 1: Overview of sleep needs from newborn to toddlers
Video 2: Common sleep challenges: night wakings, sleep regressions, transition to fewer naps
Module 1: Sleep development and sleep needs by age
Video 3: Creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment
Video 4: Building a proper bedtime ritual
Module 2: Creating the foundation for better sleep
Video 5: Building a schedule based on number of naps
Video 6: Building a schedule based on awake windows
Video 7: Smooth transition to fewer naps
Video 8: Sleep schedule stopped working - what to do
Video 9: Short naps - how to handle them
Module 3: Building blocks of a sleep schedule
Video 10: What is sleep training and when is it needed
Video 11: Safety of sleep training - science behind
Video 12: Step by Step plan for sleep training preparation
Video 13: 'Fast’& 'slow’ methods
Video 14: Sleep training methods in details

Module 4: Preparing for sleep training
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Lifetime access to online course "Mastering the Sleep Schedule” with 14 comprehensive video classes, 10 downloadable guides, personal sleep diary + free bonus on sleep training!
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Have extended and consistent daytime naps
Easily repair sleep after a sleep regression
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