Bedtime battles? Sleepless nights? Unpredictable schedules?
Leave all this behind! Designed for parents, my comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about baby sleep in the first year.

Baby sleep guide
The Ultimate
The Ultimate Baby Sleep Guide includes:
What you will learn
Downloadable PDF (30 pages)
Overview of sleep needs by month
Common sleep challenges
Sleep development and sleep needs by age
Safe Sleep environment
Comfortable sleep conditions
Bedtime rituals
Creating the foundation for better sleep
Transitioning to fewer naps
Sleep schedule stopped working - what to do
Undertired VS overtired baby
Building a proper sleep schedule
What is sleep training and when is it needed
Science behind sleep training
Sleep training methods explained
Essential preparation steps for success
Learning about sleep training
I am Tamara, a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and mother to a 3 year old daughter

I am based in Austria,
but work globally in all timezones

Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants
I work with parents and their children between 0 and 5 years of age in English, German and Russian

And I am here to help
your family build healthy sleep habits

Helping families around the world get better sleep since 2021
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With this course you will:
Downloadable 30 page PDF guide with expert advice for expecting parents and parents of babies from 0 - 12 months.
The Ultimate
Baby Sleep Guide
End bedtime battles - no more tears and easy falling asleep in 10-15 min
Create a sleep schedule according to baby's age and needs
Have consistent daytime naps and smoothly transition to fewer naps
Learn about the science behind sleep training, discover various methods and prepare for effective sleep training
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