Pre-consultation sleep analysis
Please feel out all fields of the following form for me to analyze your current sleep situation and prepare recommendations
Weight gain, allergies, breathing issues etc.
Breastfeeding, formula, other food.
Own bedroom, own bed in your bedroom, with you in bed etc.
Blanket, pillow, toys etc.
Do you swaddle your little one?
Does your child use a pacifier during sleep?
What does it start with, finish with, how long does it take etc.
During breastfeeding/bottle feeding, by rocking, in your bed next to you, alone in his/her bed.
Stands up, cries, screams, talks etc.
Eg. 6:00 - wake up, 6:30 - breakfast, 8:00-9:00 - first nap, 10:00 - playground etc.